Bud says…

Hello, Sam, Ed, Paul, Wendy, et. al.

Since I am beginning year two of my CrossFit Rebel experience I thought it
appropriate to communicate with you as to that experience. Joining Rebels
(thanks to my son Chet) is, probably, one of the better decisions I have
made as it relates to physical and mental fitness. No question, the regimen
is very challenging, and thank goodness for Rx. You all have been very
encouraging as I have attempted, often with great difficulty, to meet your
standards of practice. I have found your “box” to be a very welcoming
place offering new friends – much like a family. Everyone has been
friendly, helpful, patient, kind, encouraging, and, most of all, caring. I
couldn’t have asked for a better scenario if I had tried, and I
whole-heartedly endorse and recommend the Rebel “box” to everyone. Having
said all of the above, I want to thank all of you for making me feel good
about my decision to join the Rebels. It has been an outstanding, many
faceted, experience and I look forward to this new year with great
expectation. Thanks again.


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