CrossFit Rebels…Patience, Understanding and Knowledge

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I think it’s important to take responsibility for your actions, so let me start by explaining what happened, and how I injured myself in the first place – it was a hectic day, as always, and I found myself getting to the box a little late.  The WOD that day included deadlifts, and our standard warm-up was posted on the board.  However, being in a rush, I didn’t take the time to warm-up properly – instead, I jumped right in to heavy (for me) deadlifts.  Well, you can guess what happened next – a sudden, severe, shooting pain in my lower back! 

So, if I would have just taken the time to warm up properly, I could have avoided all of this!  Instead, I found myself going between discomfort and severe pain for the next few weeks – it would hurt whenever I sat for prolonged periods, and I thought I definitely wouldn’t be able to work out.  I kept waiting for my back to get better, and days turned into weeks.  After two weeks without much / any improvement, I was really bummed out.  If you’re reading this, you can probably imagine how depressing it is to miss weeks at the box due to a nagging injury!

One day my husband came home and told me that the coaches had been asking about me, and they were worried about me.  Ed had been checking in with my husband, and asked him to get me back into the box.   So, I came in to meet with Ed, and explained what had happened. 

Ed could not have been more helpful, patient and understanding.  I felt like I just needed to “suck it up” and get better, but I didn’t know what to do, or where to start.  This is where Ed came in.  Ed conveyed to me that I had to be patient, and work through this the right way.  First we discussed my injury in detail, and with his background in physical therapy, he was able help me understand the injury, and the healing process.  Ed told me what I could do for myself at home to speed up my recovery, through stretching and icing my back.  Then, when I started to feel better, he gradually got me back into my workouts.  I couldn’t believe this, but every day when I came in, the staff had a personalized workout for me on the board, scaled to accommodate my injury!

When we were talking one day, Ed mentioned that another member of our box had a similar injury but came to Ed right away, and was already up and running again . . . it made me wish I had come to him sooner!

As I started feeling better, Ed, Sam and the other coaches were always checking up on me, to see how I was doing and feeling.  It was so comforting to know that they took such a personal interest in my well-being.

Now I’m back 100%, and feeling great!  Crossfit has been such a fun, rewarding experience, based in large part on the fact that I get to have a great workout while hanging out with my husband and kids (who also Crossfit), our awesome coaches, and great friends. 

In short, I feel so fortunate to have such knowledgeable, kind and supportive coaches like Ed, Sam and the rest of the coaching staff.  I was so impressed by the way that they went so far out of their way to help and check up on me, without ever being asked to do so.  When we were first looking into Crossfit, we looked at a few other boxes first.  Then, we came to Crossfit Rebels, and immediately saw the difference – the quality of coaching, the facilities . . . even basic training, which is such an important step, but one which other boxes lack.  Once we visited Rebels, I knew right away that this was the perfect place for me and my family! 


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