Ginger’s a Rebel!


Ginger, on the left, with her teammates and friends, Jana and Shannon


(A letter to the owners and coaches of CFR) 

Dear Sam, Ed and all the Rebel Coaches:

I don’t really know how to put into words what it means to me to be a part of the Rebel family. It means the world to me! I have been a rebel for about [2 years] and it has been life changing!  I feel such a connection with fellow rebels! I cannot express the amount of inspiration that I get from you, Ed and each coach there…not to mention my fellow rebels! For 15 years I have lived (or existed…not really lived) until I made the decision to walk through that door and try and regain a part of my life and health back.

IMG_4024.JPGGinger Disney








Since joining, I have become healthier, stronger both mentally and physically, faster and accomplished things that I never thought I could do. I have started to enjoy doing things again…seeing real live people again and not just stare at my four walls at home…it has helped bring me out of a depression and given me something to look forward to and enjoy!! You guys have had faith in me and pushed me to be more and do more and reminded me what being an athlete was about…this is smoothing that I truly appreciate and can’t thank you enough for. I fee like slowly,  I am regaining my self-confidence, my individuality and my life back. I am happier, which in turn has made me a better person, a better mom and friend. I have accomplished new things and participated in competitions, adventure races and 5K’s. I’ve made new friends long the way and love the support of the CF community from our box…our family.

Ginger Running


Thank you Sam and Ed of all you have done for all your support, encouragement and inspiration me (and others) and also for allowing me to bring They with me when I need to .  I really love you guys!!  I will continue to be a rebel for as long as you have your door open!!


 A note to Ginger from CrossFit Rebels:
We know you are currently recovering from your latest challenge, and we wanted to remind you that we’re here as soon as you’re able to train. We love you. The box isn’t the same without your spirit and love for the sport of CrossFit (and softball :).  Heal quick!

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