Testimonial from Janice Piro


     I first started private coaching with Paul Chapman a year and a
half ago because I was getting frustrated with the squat snatch.
Also, I wanted to work on ring muscle ups, not really believing
that I would ever actually DO one, but I wanted to give myself a
chance at it. That was a year and a half ago. Since then, I have
gotten much more comfortable with the squat snatch and can
perform this lift pretty well, knowing where to correct myself
when it doesn’t go as it should. My squats are much better, too.
Previously, I was one of the athletes that always got the
“LOWER, JANICE!” instruction by a coach whenever we were
doing a move with a squat in it. (I haven’t heard that in a very
long time now…yeah!) We are still working on ring muscle ups,
but I am getting closer, and I now believe I will actually be able

to perform this gymnastic one day.


     Besides those specific things, I cannot say enough about how
much Coach Paul has helped me overall, not only with
correcting my lifting technique in general, but working with my
mobility and with my confidence under heavier loads. Good
technique and mobility are paramount to safety, which is a big
reason I will continue to work with him. (I plan on being a
CrossFit athlete for many more years, so that means I need to
stay injury-free.) Coach Paul is expert at seeing exactly where
my technique needs improvement. Even if my technique is
pure crap, he never overwhelms me with too much instruction
all at once. He corrects one or two things at a time, building to
the next and the next. He has an excellent ability to
communicate exactly what he needs me to do. His care and
attention to his private coaching is evident as he always comes
prepared with something he has thought out for us to do in that
session. I also appreciate his up-beat, incessantly positive
attitude. He tells me what I am doing right, as well as what
needs improvement, so I never feel like a complete idiot. His
confidence in my abilities is contagious, which helps me reach

levels I otherwise may not.


     Since working with Paul, I have noticed more general
improvements, too, such as:
-Having more focus in my WODs
-An improved ability to critique myself
-Executing more purposeful WODs (I know what one or two
things to specifically work on within each WOD)

-Having more confidence overall.


     No matter what kind of CrossFit athlete you are… experienced
but wanting to improve upon your weaknesses, or wanting to
improve your technique to avoid injury, or a new CrossFit
athlete wanting to ramp in and avoid developing bad habits…I
highly recommend private coaching with Paul. He is truly

outstanding and I guarantee it will be fun!



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