Challenge Day 5

Day 5.

Rest Day. Meal Plan and Prep Day. Possible hangover-recovery day!

OK guys – 5 of 21.5 days….it’s 16.5 days left. Full week ahead of us. You had a partial week last week. So be ready. Don’t blow it on Thursday because you were only ready for three days.  Know your schedule for the week – appointments, kids, training, school, work, etc.  Be prepared for meals at home and meals on the go.

Years ago when we built the website we built the RebelHealth Pages – diet and nutrition guidance. I always forget how much information is on our site. Linked below is the Meal Plan/Prep pages. I still use the Inventory form when I actually cook (versus buy from Catered Fit or Fit Life or PowerMeals) for the week. It helps save money by first using what you have in your kitchen and pantry. Take a look, and maybe it will help guide you this weekend in meal prep!

Finally, your logs are due tomorrow! When you get to the box, step into Rebelhealth and put your log in the tray on the table (clearly marked).  Make sure the points are totaled. Add your total week points (without any bonus point – I added them from the texts you sent).  Make sure you have a week two log and we’re off. We’ll be reviewing the logs as quickly as possible. We’lll so be dividing everyone up so you have some really consistent motivation from not just Sam but other coaches helping with the challenge.

Let’s make this a good day to start the week!

Starting out:Meal Planning & Prep

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