Day 13-Over the Hump – The Rice Release

Day 13

You’re over the hump…on the back side of the hill…closer to the end than the start. But in a WOD, this is often when we start to falter.  We’re tired, it’s easier to just slow down or consider quitting.  I get it. But what we’re trying to do is create change that we can keep going as a new and improved lifestyle.  Small changes clumped together can vastly improve health. And that’s the goal.

Don’t forget your logs are due today. For week two’s review we have a team approach to the logs.  Coaches Nic, Phil, Jenn and Jaida are going to help me with the log review. I’ll remain involved but you may hear from one of them this week. They’ll copy me on the correspondence so I’m in the loop.  I will be at the box morning and midday Monday, and on Tuesday 1pm to close.  So I should be able to hit everyone to answer questions and get a gut check.

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Today’s post is easy, and for some of you a gift!  But if you make this change, two things: read the transcript or listen to the podcast and consider prepping in the way  Stephan Guyenet suggests mid post, and pay attention to how you feel.

The gift: you can add brown rice back into your diet if you like. But please read the transcript from the podcast or listen to the podcast.  Our goal with this challenge was reduce inflammatory foods.  Brown rice rides a tightrope here.  But educate yourself (the transcript/podcast is a beautiful summary). White rice will alway be “safer” than brown, but the few nutrients that brown rice offers might be appealing to some.  Ed and I will attempt this too – but have not had luck in the past with it. So if you do do it, please add some commentary to Rebels on Paleo-ish – I’d like to know!

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