Day 14- Do You Miss Beans?


Day 14 – Do You Miss Beans?

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Beans are FULL of enzyme blockers and lectins…we’ll call these toxins “antinutrients.” (Note: enzymes are good. They are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions)

These enzyme blockers “block” the enzymes that digest protein. They’re called “protease inhibitors.”   Your body senses this inhibition and signals your pancreas to make more insulin.

“So what?” Well, did you know rats can’t gain weight if they have substantial amounts of enzyme blockers in their diets?

Lectins  Lectins have natural insecticide qualities (self defense mechanisms) and they’re toxic raw. Lectins strongly adhere to carbohydrates found on the cell surfaces, especially the heavy-sugary coats of epithelial cells on the gastrointestinal line. It was long known that undercooked beans, due to lectins, can provoke nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, but how precisely these proteins did their job was not known. Research reveals how lectins disable GI tract cells, which are under a constant bombardment while digesting food, from fixing tears in cells walls resulted from digestive activity. Repair usually takes place in a few seconds: internal membranes move up to patch the tear and the one-cell line of the GI tract stays intact. If those individual cells cannot repair tears, they die. That means you have gaps in the integrity of the surface area of the epithelium and you are exposing the nasty internal world of your GI tract to your blood supply.

The intact GI epithelial line permits only good stuff like food to cross to the blood. Say it with me: Leaky gut?

Lectins are like master code-breakers to the body. The cells of are bodies are studded with receptors which are like code pads to ensure stimulation only under the correct circumstances. Lectins have the ability to crack these codes and stimulate the receptors causing a variety of responses-covering basically the full repertoire of the cell and even tricking the cell into doing things it normally cannot do. Lectins have a “knack” for bypassing our defenses and “getting behind the lines”,and then they travel all over the body causing harm…

a.) they strip protective mucous off tissues

b.) damage the cells lining the small intestine-disrupting the microscopic fingers called villi and microvilli

c.) bind to cells including blood cells causing a clot to form

d.) make a cell act as if it has been stimulated by a hormone

e.) stimulate a cell to secrete a hormone

f.) promote cell division at the wrong time

g.) cause growth or shrinkage of the lymphatic tissue

h.) cause enlargement of the pancreas

i.) cause cell death.

 Autoimmune diseases are incredibly common and increase every year that a person gets older. A disordered immune system also has a much harder job recognizing and attacking the REAL intruders-invading germs and cancer cells. Many scientists believe that most people generate many cancer cells in a lifetime but your immune system cleans most of them up….YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO HAVE YOUR

Read all you want on the symptoms and potential causation for autoimmune disease; read about how difficult it is to diagnose and all of the diseases that fall into this category (Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Eczema, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Diabetes….to name a few common ones), but the best way to deal with this is to PREVENT IT!

The only good thing about beans is…arts and crafts for kids. Glue them to paper plates and hang them on your refrigerators.   LOL!

But seriously,  there ARE ways to prepare beans (soaking, etc) to minimize the damage they can cause…and that’s for another post!



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