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We have an unscheduled post here  as there’s a need for more understanding based on feedback from the group.

Post Workout Carbs

Before you “buy into this” and this should be aware that our goal for your is performance.  We want you to get stronger, push harder in your WODs and make progress…at any age. For this reason, we talk to you about “refueling” after your WODS: get some protein and carbs quickly.  Now, there are different situations where this may or may not be YOUR first priority. Check out the nutrient timing chart below – while I love PN as a source for pretty good information, I like where this was actually sourced from: Alan Aragon.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 5.45.27 PM

There are some of you/us who’s personal goals may fall in the “not very important for..: and “possibly important for…”. You need to know which category you fall into because our box is not one to promote cookie cutter templates out to the masses.  Rather, each of us has our goals for training at Rebels:

  1. just be healthy – it’s all I have time for in my life
  2. just be fit – I’m generally healthy but not fit
  3. I love this shit – I want to be competitive!
  4. I compete in CF competitions have have long term goals for the sport

Based on where you fall within these four scenarios, your general diet is going to be about the same – a diet that helps prevent inflammation and promotes health.  From there, based on your training level, your carbohydrate and fat intake may fluctuate, but your protein requirements will generally be the same. Supplements and nutrient timing will be based on if you’re falling into category 3 or 4…there may be more recommendations for supplementation in these two categories.

So if you are in the 3rd or 4th bullet or are interested in trying your had at post WOD protein and carbs, here’s your information: you want fast digesting protein and carbs. But what does that mean?

Protein first: animal protein sources (including diary) can be lean or fatty. Think of a filet mignon versus a Ribeye or Tbone.  Same with dairy: full fat or fat free (not that we agree w/ fat free dairy :). So ideally in the post workout period when our muscles, thanks to the high intensity exercise, are more receptive to taking in nutrients we eat, we are looking for the fastest digesting protein (and carbs, but that, in a second) to help repair muscle tissue.  Since fat and fiber slow protein’s digestion, we’re looking for very lean (low fat) protein. Whey is going to be ideal due to it’s fast digestion, ability to help create an insulin spike, and amino acid profile including leucine. Next up, egg white protein powder or egg whites – very easily digestible.  Finally, lean whole protein sources: chicken, fish (imagine gagging down tuna or salmon after your WOD).

Next, carbs: ideally, high in glucose (not fructose) and low in fiber and fat. So, fibrous veggies, while great for health, aren’t going to help us accomplish our muscle glycogen replenishment (nor our muscle repair) because they’ll slow down the absorption of those macronutrients. Powdered carbs (supplements) are the easiest and probably the fastest to get into your system.

A few good resources:

For the first meal  after your workout:  http://main.poliquingroup.com/Tips/tabid/130/EntryId/2417/Top-Ten-Post-Workout-Nutrition-Foods-To-Accelerate-Recovery.aspx

The above is a great read with one exception: this was written on the basis that training is weightlifting, not a high glycolytic sport like CrossFit where the replenishment of our glycogen stores before the next training session is paramount for good performance. If fat loss is your goal, you can pay attention to this… a little – the longer, heavier and more intense your workout, the higher the post workout carbs. The slower (more aerobic than anaerobic), lighter and shorter your workout, the fewer carbs…but this is highly individual and you’ll have to wrestle with yourself and how you feel as to which scenario is  more appropriate for you. You can always chat with a coach about it too.

Post Workout Meal: Best Carbohydrate Food Choices for Optimal Recovery






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