Day 18!  We’re getting there!

Most important point of the day for some of you…after three big heroes and a high volume week, let’s make up for some calories this weekend! 500 “non-restricted” calories. It’s not going to break the bank. I do believe in a high re-feed and honestly, let’s think logically: our bodies will build defenses against foreign invaders – that’s why the flu shot is a small dose of the flu: so your body can build antibodies to it. Same with your gut. If you completely limit your body exposure to specific foods or substances (e.g. gluten…providing you’re not totally allergic to gluten), when you are exposed to it, you will more likely react than if you are occasionally exposed to and your gut is able to keep a colony of bacteria (good bacteria) to “work on it”. A friend of ours who’s in the service told us they had an RD working with them and they were expected to keep beans and legumes in their diet  so that when they were in the middle east and exposed to native foods, they wouldn’t end up with diarrhea when they needed to be working!  So here’s your donut and pizza day!


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.06.13 AMI’d like you all to become good investigative eaters.  You’ll know what’s healthy, what’s not, by means of “is it going to damage my gut, create an allergic reaction (inflammation), create an insulin spike (other than post workout), etc.”.  Being able to make your own conclusions make you a lethal consumer in a good way!  You’ll make the right decision and feel committed about it.   If you have a question you’ll research it from a trusted source, not from the first option on a Google Search.

At the bottom of the RebelHealth Homepage under Other Resources I added several “arguments” to the fact that many primal eaters have added potatoes back into their diets.  For those without a metabolic disorder (like diabetes) or gut damage, as long as potatoes aren’t your primary source of fuel, you’ll be fine. For those WITH some health issues or who are overweight and trying to lose body fat (also reducing inflammation), then white potatoes might just need to be a treat.

Here are the various arguments on the subject. Most are short reads.  Like we always knew, though, DON’T EAT THE SKINS!

*Dr. Cordain on “Are Potatoes Paleo”
*Mark Sisson, playfully on potatoes
*Robb Wolf on potatoes
*The Whole 30 on potatoes
*Chris Kresser’s take on potatoes

Livestrong, while mainstream-y and sometimes too trendy did a great post on why NOT TO EAT potatoes raw…humph…and I grew up doing it! The Risks of Eating Raw Potatoes.

On a side note, shredding them into a hash in the mornings is a good way for those who are trying to increase their carbs to do so. Add sausage and/or bacon…yum!  Maybe someone has a recipe for this they could post to Rebels On Paleo-ish?


Why shouldn’t you eat the skins on potatoes (as this may be in the skin or directly next to the skin within the potato)?

  1. They contain saponins, an antinutrient
  2. They contain lectins, an antinutrient
  3. They contain protease inhibitors, an antinutrient
  4. They may contain all of the above




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