Day 21

This is basically your last day! Tomorrow, Wednesdays, all you have to do is last until noon…but here’s the deal: vast majority of you have seen some very positive results:

  1. Some weight loss
  2. Some strength /performance gains
  3. Skin clarity
  4. “Eye of the Tiger” – we heard that one of you approached the WODs last week like never before…it was a good thing!
  5. Less joint ache/fatigue.
  6. Better knowledge portion sizes and portion control

Now, some of you learned somethings: several react poorly to eggs, and to brown rice. Some you became light weight drinkers! LOL.  Some of you will need to make some adjustments to keep some weight on – that may be dairy. Some of you found a pattern for eating that keeps you  “in line” cravings.  Whatever the “ah ha” was, now that was all you and your little personal experiment!  I had a chat with one of our ultimate experimenters here at Rebels and will publish that soon because it’s super motivating.

Eating whole foods is the answer to many of health problems including overweight, obesity and even sarcopenia (lack of muscle) – you need to fuel your life, you activity and your well being. Eating whole foods can be expensive, but then again, so can other habits we have…the question is which is more important to you?

Thanksgiving is typically a really great holiday for healthy eating! Sweet potatoes, turkey breast, big salads…just minimize the other crap, have a few drinks with your family and friend and on Friday: Many of the leftovers are fantastic for the rest of the week.

I’ll continue pinching after Thanksgiving. Friday I’m at the box morning and midday.  Then Monday and Tuesday we’ll get everyone else up and done.

Keep in touch with us on the FB group if you’d like continue this through the end of the year (less the structure of journals…although we can certainly share to group on FB and help that way).


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