Day 9

Thursday. Day 9 (12 days left)…you’re almost to the top of the hill!

Rest or Skill day at the box. Good day to revisit the rest of the week.

What’s your plan for Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Yes, we’ll have an opportunity to be social on Saturday again! Don’t panic. But try not to sniff the pizza boxes between now and then…just makes it harder! (inside joke!)

Quick check in today.

  1. If you’re not in Rebels on Paleo-ish FB group- please go there and request entry. Questions and answers are posted there (and some antics).
  2. If you had not turned in week one log by 1pm today, you’re making it seriously hard  for us to help you through this challenge.
    • There are about 9 logs left that will be reviewed and you will receive feedback on tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we’ll assign specific coaches to help you, but remember: this is not a cookie cutter challenge. Each one of you has a different issue and unlike other challenges you may have seen or “transformation” things, it matters your age, your training level, your health, your sensitivity to starches, your schedule, your goals, etc.  THIS is why it takes us time get through the first week and set goals. You’ll always have access to me, but for motivation and follow up, well be able to get more out there this way.

Bonus Question: Take the quiz below.  And while I’m not harping on “we’re paleo”, the point of this is about reading labels and understanding what you read.


From this Quiz, choose the statement below that is the most correct:

  1. Labels on healthy foods are there to guide the consumer to the healthiest product
  2. In addition to reading labels, you have to be educated to discern what’s true and what’s misleading
  3. The “grass fed” and “organic” labels on some foods help us make educated, healthy selections
  4. Chickens’ whose diets are supplemented with corn  and other grain produce superior eggs. 

Text you answer to Sam by 5pm tomorrow for 1 bonus point.  Extra point if you tell me what your score was (e.g. 82/100).  By the way, there are only 10 questions (I think)

Finally, here’s a great infographic from Precision Nutrition on eating on the go! (click the image)

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 7.52.11 PM

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