CrossFit Rebels and The Open 2019

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We CrossFit for a lot of reasons:

  • strength
  • endurance
  • variety
  • “real movements”
  • camaraderie
  • a challenge
  • new skills
  • unlimited potential….and I could go on….

CrossFit is our “Sport”. It’s not a gym routine like hitting up LA Fitness or Crunch for body part splits and long slow treadmills. I’ve done that, and it’s great for bodybuilding, but CrossFit is different.  It’s not kickboxing, spinning, running either.  In CrossFit, we develop skills and techniques that benefit us in our competition (WODs) and we practice those skills and techniques, try to get stronger, faster, and more agile with every practice session.  We work through imbalances and “tweaks” that happen because we are so in love with our sport that we “dove for a ball at shortstop and jammed our elbow”.…no different than going for those last few pull-ups and ending up with a bit of tendonitis.  Most of us choose that “dive“…because CrossFit is the SPORT of Fitness…not the fitness routine of CrossFit.  We compete with ourselves first, with our friends and “box-mates”;  we even compete with random social media entities that we don’t personally know and have never met.

Once a year for the last 8 years, the Open occurs. While some of us may have Regionals/Games aspirations, most of us are competing with ourselves, want to be better this year than last, want to display a newly earned skill as RX this year (like Double Unders or Bar Muscle Ups), and/or just want to “play in this tournament”.  If you see this as a sport, dissing the Open this year is like practicing with your team all year and then refusing to go to the tournaments because…why? You miss Dave Castro? He’s still around – the Director of the CF Games and the architect of the Open and Games WODs!  You didn’t like the Open Announcement? read The CrossFit Games Season: A Uniquely Valuable Opportunity for Other People (OPINION).  Many of us get our “CrossFit Gossip” from the Morning Chalk Up’s short quick updates.  Engage your longer read thinking for a bit and catch up. Being informed is a lot more intelligent than being a part of all the negative chatter surrounding what none of us really know anything about. Don’t like this WOD? Really? I’d say it’s better than 17.5: 10 rounds of 9 light thrusters and 35 dubs.

I originally wanted to write this as a “why” you should do the Open. I’ve been trying to find the time to do it for two weeks.  But over this two weeks, I seem to have spent more time defending the Open than composing and communicating about it.  It’s still the Open – the rules of admission to the Games have changed. If someone thought they truly had a shot at Regionals – why didn’t you attempt Wodapalooza? If Ed doesn’t make the Masters Online Qualifier we already know we’ll probably try to get him into the Rogue Invitational in Ohio in the spring.  If you think you have what it takes, then find a sanctioned event. The Open for 2020 starts in October – right around the corner.  Excuses are all around – you can either be a part of them or embrace the sport so many of us have followed over the past several years.

Back to the Open.  There are so many reasons to do the Open! I was chatting with one friend/athlete and said: “we’re science experiments…if we train consistently and continue to improve, at what age will that improvement slow or stop?”. That’s a goal in of itself: continue progressing – don’t allow regression.  With that as a goal for our sport, performance, and our health – who could argue that’s not an investment we should engage in year after year?”. What if your pull-ups are better than they were last year and we have a repeat of a pull-up WOD you did the year prior? You’ll crush it! What if you’re not sure if you’re getting fitter – do this Open this year – and do it next year. That’s the macro view. The micro view is tracking your WODs – are you stronger, faster, more efficient? Do you have skills you didn’t have a few months ago? Are you “almost there” on something that possibly the adrenaline of the Open might nudge you over the top to achieve that goal? Are you a very good athlete who has excelled this year and can’t wait to see where you place? Have you had the year from hell and had inconsistent training for whatever reason – wondering if you’ve been able to maintain your fitness after having only trained once or twice a week? (It happens!). Or are you a newbie to CrossFit, terrified of the Open, but plan on attending the judging Friday night or Saturday morning to see what this is all about? Whatever your situation, there’s something in the Open for you! Be a part of it. You’ll not regret it.

As an affiliate owner for the past 8 1/2 year, I can sit back and look at this very logically – the Open is a part of who we are – regardless of the quality of the video that represented 19.1, head over to The CrossFit Games site and check out 19.1. The divisions, loads, etc…all in plain sight with rules and how the scorecard is laid out for being judged. Watch CrossFit’s Facebook and Instagram Pages, and the CrossFit Games site. If you’re tracking the Elites, be a part of the process that helped them become Elite.

The 2019 CrossFit Open Season has a different start…as it did the year they removed “sectionals”…embrace the change. It’s one certainty in life – there will always be change.





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