Managing the Open Emotions


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The Open can be a roller coaster of emotions during the workouts and between the workouts. Most of us have had at least one workout where we surprised ourselves, or achieved a PR making us super happy with our performance. Most of us then too, have experienced workouts where we were crushed, not only physically, but mentally. We left the workout disappointed or unhappy with our performance.

We focus a lot in our sport on the physical, getting stronger and faster; however, what about the mental side of the sport? It’s easy to ride the highs of the PRs but how do we manage the lows of our disappointments and move forward? Here are a few things to consider as you reflect on this year’s Open.

We’ve All Been There
There can be comfort in knowing that what you’re feeling, your peers have felt it too. You’re not alone.

Wallow and Flip the Script
Allow yourself time to feel disappointed, it’s a natural human emotion. We have high expectations of ourselves as we try to become stronger and fitter. If we fall short of our personal expectations, it’s OK to feel upset. However, don’t wallow for too long! Give it a day, then try to use the disappointed feeling as fuel to ignite your passion to train.

Develop a Plan
With your newly fueled fire, develop a clear plan for moving forward. The Open is so cool because it brings our attention to areas in our fitness that can be improved. What did the Open point out to you this year? Do you want to improve your gas tank? Do you want to improve strength? Do you realize you need to work more on mobility (plugging Saturday yoga here!)? Or maybe it’s the gymnastics that got you caught up. Work with a Rebels head coach to talk about your goals and develop a specific plan for training. The more the coaches know about your desires as an athlete the better we can coach you daily during the WODs!

Quit the Negative Talk
We often say things like “I suck at pull ups” or “I’m not strong enough” or “I’m just not good at that lift” which is BS. Think about this, if you’re talking to your friend, would you tell your friend they suck at a movement or tell them they are weak? No. Most of us wouldn’t negatively talk to a friend that way. So then, why would we negatively talk about ourselves that way?

Redirect your negative self talk. No longer are you not strong enough; your muscles are adapting to increased loads. No longer do you suck at pull ups; you’re working to be more efficient. And no more are you not good at a lift; you are working on muscle memory for technique.

We are Unique Snowflakes
We are all on different fitness and health journeys. I mean we are united by all having a desire to improve fitness and health through the means of CrossFit and Rebels; however, where we are on this journey is different. It can be easy to compare yourself to other athletes; but just keep in mind again we are all on a different journey. We all have different goals whether it is weight management, strength building, managing health risks such as diabetes or hypertension. Some of us just want to look better naked. No matter your reason for stepping into the Rebels box, it’s a great reason. If you find that you’re comparing yourself to others, admire the skill in others you see and certainly work to achieve it if it’s a goal; but keep yourself grounding and don’t lose sight of the fact that you are on your own fitness journey.

Find the Positive
It’s easy to lose sight of what we have accomplished when we are working on achieving goals. However, take the time to see what you accomplished this past year and find some positives. Did you have a movement in this year’s Open that you didn’t have last year? Did some of the lifts feel a touch easier because you’re getting stronger? Did you feel a sense of community? Did you have fun? An accomplishment is a step forward regardless of how you define it (small or big). Don’t diminish your accomplishments! Steps forward are how we improve and let’s celebrate these steps forward.

Riding this emotional rollercoaster of the Open can be hard, but really, it’s part of the experience. Give yourself credit for putting yourself out there and competing. It’s hard-that’s kind of the point. Use the Open to help move you forward in your fitness and health. Find the positive, celebrate the wins, define your goals and dedicate your training to achieve them. Quit the negative self talk, and find the comfort in the fact that you’ve got an amazing support team around you at Rebels-the coaches and your fellow athletes. #RebelsAF

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