Happy Pre-Anniversary Rebels!

Coach Sam here. I know, I’m the wordy one!

Saturday night, Coach and GM Paul pulled off an epic surprise!  For the past several months I’ve been more than miffed with the lack of efforts and concern that we didn’t have a plan to celebrate the milestone of our 9 year box anniversary. I know, “it’s not the big one…it’s not the ’10’ “, but I’m a planner….and no one was planning!

Fast foward to Saturday night and Ed and I are crazy surprised because it’s hard to pull anything over our eyes, as we feel pretty connected to the community. Well done!

9 years simply makes us better. Better at coaching, better at running a business like a business and better at all the ancillaries that make a better box (like diet, lifestyle, modifications…you name it).

I was trying to explain to someone one day why “I can’t just step back and let “someone else do it””.  Our business is people – it’s a service.  We don’t sell widgets or downloads. It’s different.  The right personality with the right instruction with the right level of care…every hour, every day, over and over.  All of the Rebel Coaches from Ed and I,  all the way to the newest ones truly care.  And every single athlete who puts their confidence in us to make them stronger, faster, leaner, more skillful … we take care of them, make them better.  It’s not just “any coach” and not just “any athlete”. It’s all of us. WE MAKE REBELS!

Thank you to Paul and everyone who showed up texted us and thought of us this weekend. Our actual anniveray is 7/12 (also “Wife’s Birthday!)…but this was the best….preempting the next year this way was super memorable.

Below I pulled some new and old photos…so many to pick from. Our GOOGLE PHOTOS albums stores every photo from 2010 forward.  I honestly don’t know how to direct everyone there but all the albums are public…there are some oldies and goodies! And up to date current ones.

We love you guys!

~Sam and Ed


ed paul sam


A Young Matt Mitchell!



A young Erin M!


Mikey’s back…no boot!




Permission from mom and dad: Jackson will be a Rebel soon!










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