Saturday, July 20th 2019

Happy Birthday Coach Terry!


Today is Coach Tiff’s Saturday
8am- yoga/open gym

9am- Team WOD 



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Dropping your bar with single 10’s on each side from overhead has always been dangerous and frowned upon. Bumper plates are designed to absorb the impact of a loaded bar on the platform. Primarily they protect the bar and the ground from impact. Some offer a dead bounce so when they hit they don’t bounce erratically and cause an injury to the lifter or others nearby.

Ten-pound bumper plates bounce erratically,  don’t do a great job of protecting the bar from impact, and because of their width, tend to fracture when dropped from overhead. They also have a 90-day warranty and are prone to breaking very quickly. Dropping a bar loaded to 55-65lbs or less from anywhere above the waist is unacceptable, it has been our policy (and will remain) that this is unacceptable and the coaches have been asked to aggressively enforce this.  

Further, if you have to do some Googling, please do for images. With single 10# plates on the bar, once you are locked out overhead, bringing the bar to your shoulders and then down is proper;  or if the bar has 25# plates or greater on it, bars can safely be DROPPED from overhead.  They are not to be “thrown up” from the locked out position.  We’re seeing this a lot at ….1) it looks ridiculous, 2) shows you’re not in full control of the bar at lockout and 3) increases the distance between the bar and floor before it falls. Lower your bar with control. This applies to every athlete, every WOD, every lift. If you’re unable to control the lowering of your bar properly, the load is too heavy and you need to scale down. Period.   Of course, in matters of safety, drop the bar.

We are enforcing this policy across the board, every athlete, coach and visitor following any one of our 5 lines of programming, you get one warning then we stop your WOD and you go home.

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Athletes, this is our friendly reminder to you all, seeing as we do not do contracts, that dues are due at or around the first of each month! Please don’t make us chase you or there will be a burpee penalty! 😉


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Yoga Coach Extraordinaire Tiffany Wimmer of Wimtastic Wellness teaches our Yoga Classes. These yoga classes are designed for you. Tiffany knows you’re sore, that after 3 days of CrossFitting your muscles are not at all like a supple leopard.   She will never assume you can fold yourself up like a pretzel!  Tiff’s yoga classes increase range of motion to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. They are a great recovery strategy, too! Classes will help you mobilize, increase body awareness, and also learn breath control! 

As a part of your membership, you can practice Yoga with Tiffany:

Saturday morning at 8:00 am
These classes are  free to all active Rebel Athletes
You may bring a friend to SATURDAY Yoga Class for FREE!

A recent IG post from Tiffany…this is why SHE SHOULD BE YOUR YOGA INSTRUCTOR – she knows how you feel and your desire for performance.

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St. Pete at the Body Electric Yoga Studio. 
Sunday-7:00 am
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00 pm.
These classes are a different style than she teaches at Rebels; it’s known as Mysore. Tiffany works with each student individually in a group setting. So everyone in the class is working on the same series of postures, but are kind of doing their own thing.
This style is perfect for beginners or those with injuries (or the inflexible CF athlete LOL) because of all the one-on-one time she gets to spend with each student. 

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