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Sunday, July 21st 2019

Happy Birthday Kelly M!


Rest Day




Our goal is to help you plan your week, your Open Gym time, and to help bring your weaknesses; whether they be strength, skill or stamina, into balance. Let us know if you have any questions about planning your training and making your time more productive


Thruster Conditioning Week 3/4
EMOM x 11 minutes
ODD: Set # of Thrusters
EVEN: Set # of Thrusters

II. “Bartender”
12x DL
9x OHS

Bar= 115/85



Pullup Capacity Wk 3/4
EMOM x 10 minutes
10x C2B Pullup

Every 2:30 x 8Rds (20min)

10 x Lat. Burpee over Bar +
1x Clean (Poweror Squat)

*Bar must increase in weight each round (5lbs or more)
**Score is heaviest weight achieved + starting weight (Don’t start light)


19x Wallball20/14
19x Cal R0w

10 Min AMRAP
70x DU
35x Abmat Situps

10 Min AMRAP
30x KBS70/53
10x Single KB OH Lunge Step70/53
*Single arm but alternating legs. Step forward lunge steps.




BS3 x 7 (60-65%)
Alt: 15x GHD Situp

PR4 x 5(70%)
Alt: 15x Hip Ext

DL5 x 3(85%)
ALT: 14x Single DB Front Rack Lunge Step(7/side)



T2B Capacity Wk 3/5
EMOM x 10 minutes
10x T2B(Unbroken)

II. For Time:

Ring Dip
*Perform 20x Air Squatsafter each movement. 


Rest day


Updated 5/1/2019IMG_6701

Because we have a CrossFit Kids Program, we have a special room they “hang out in” until their coach comes to get them for their class and then releases them back into the room for their parents to pick them up.  We are lucky enough to have this secure and air-conditioned space with tables for coloring or playing games or watching videos (yes we have wifi!).

In the past several weeks we’ve had some fairly concerning issues with kids “using” this room”, including but not limited to:

  • dangerous rough-housing
  • “scaring” younger kids also residing in this room
  • food and drink spilled and not cleaned up
  • toys being thrown around, stools overturned, “forts built on top of and around other kids”
  • doors left wide open with AC turned on
  • lights flipped on and off repetitively to bother other kids in the room
  • kids leaving the room to:
    • found vandalizing the shower bathroom in the adjacent room
    • roam the entryway and front yard
    • chase balls ACROSS THE STREET without supervision
    • fetch water without a parent (walking through the adult gym area)

We don’t need to go on, but we could.

We need your help. As parents, this room is the ability for you to train while your kids hang tight for just an hour. Please obtain a list of the Kids Room Rules (they’re in the Kids room – please ask and we’ll get them for you) and review them with your kids. We’ve never had issues like we’ve had of late and we’re sure together we can get things under control.

The coaches have all been instructed that they have the authority to enforce the kids room rules, which will most commonly be taking the parent out of the WOD to deal with any issues in the room with their kiddos.

We’re concerned about his as while this issue was peaking, Coach Nic had to cut off a Pre-Teen Class after 15 minutes because the kids were “disrespecting each other and her”. We have rules at Rebels and sometimes when we’re too slack in enforcing, things get out of control. We’re asking for your help as we tighten up the rules

As a result of all of “THIS”…which truly means time the coaches are away from the class managing this new chaos, we’ve removed the toy boxes – not more toys in the room – at least for a month or so until we get things under control again.


Because we have a CrossFit Kids Program, we have a special room they “hang out in” until their coach comes to get them for their class and then releases them back into the room for their parents to pick them up.  We are lucky enough to have this secure and air-conditioned space with tables for coloring or playing games or watching videos (yes we have wifi!).

We do, however, also need to keep the parents informed that we have some rules for this room to keep the kids safe and secure.

  • No food or drink in this room, please. Kids can have closed water bottles, but that’s it. It’s always going to be the case where we food is spilled or crumbs left on the floor. We’re an open-air warehouse – crumbs -> bugs! 
  • No running back and forth in and out of the room. Once in the Kids Room, please instruct your kiddos they must stay in there until you come and get them….this includes now having to disallow them to use the shower bathroom through RebelHealth without being accompanied by an adult. During the 6 & 7 pm classes, that shower bathroom almost has appeared vandalized (footprints on top of the toilet seat, toilet paper dispenser dismantled, rugs put in the shower stall…coaches will now be enforcing them without any hesitation). 
    • Please take your kids to the restroom before you or they train. Unfortunately, due to some misuse, we can no longer allow the kids to go back and forth through the RebelHealth room to the shower/restroom unaccompanied.
  • Children need to play politely together. No throwing toys, stools or anything in the Kids Room.
  • Parents need to ensure that they help their kids leave the room neat and tidy. Please clean up after your kid(s) when you collect them to leave.
  • Lastly, however odd this may sound, if kids stand on the benches to watch their parents train through the window, please advise them NOT TO PICK THE PAINT OFF THE WINDOW SILLS….update, and now the doors! The kids’ room door to the gym is now a new art project.  Please help us stop this!

Thank you for your cooperation!


Welcome to a sport where typically our neighbors who don’t CrossFit: 1) don’t understand what the heck we’re doing, 2) think we’re weird, and 3) feel like we’re IN THEIR WAY all the time. It’s the nature of the CrossFit-gym-beast.

Parking is a bit of a premium during busy classes so this is aimed at directing you on how and where to park without ruffling the neighbors’ delicate feathers and preventing your car from being towed😬!

DO NOT PART ACROSS THE STREET! YOU WILL BE TOWED! Mega Seating has already made good on that threat, please don’t tempt them.

Please do not park in front of FRISELLA (the west-adjacent building in our parking lot), especially on Saturdays. Even though Mr. Frisella has vacated the building, there may be a new tenant shortly.  We try to put cones out to prevent parking there. If our lot is full please park in the street, to the west, and not at any of the neighboring businesses lots. Our neighbors are fairly tolerant of our activities on Sunnydale and beyond. Yes, occasionally our athletes have WOD-brain and run in the middle of the street. Occasionally we swing wide out of the parking lot and forget to see if there are cars coming. Yes, we’re not perfect. Some of our neighbors have taken more aggressive stands to prevent us from parking where we don’t belong. There are three “don’t do’s”

  1. Don’t park in the spots across (north side of) the street where Mega Seating is now in business. They have a towing contract and threatened to use it.
  2. Don’t park in the spots in front of any other building– adjacent/west-most building  – so facing south, directly across from Mega Seating. West facing parking against that building is OK.
  3. NEW: Be careful parking in the back gravel lot. The lawn company has also obtained a contract with a towing company (new sign up, you’ll note)


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