About Us

CrossFit Rebels  &  RebelHealth represent our full commitment
to helping our community improve their health through
effective, functional fitness training and good nutritional decisions.  


We live theCrossFit Lifestyle”.  Sounds cheesy, right?  What does that really mean? 

Well, it means we, the coaches and a high percentage of our athletes, make good food choices most of the time (of course we splurge on ice cream or pasta occasionally – we’ve gotta live!) and we continuously challenge ourselves physically and mentally with our CrossFit training.  We believe in addition to our diets and training, rest and recovery are the keys to progress.  These things combined spill over into our personal and social lives in ways that are difficult to describe, and probably even comprehend.  But let’s take a shot at it!


  1. IMG_4447Because we train with CrossFit methodologies, we are safely and well-trained, physically  – not just for aesthetics, but for fitness.  We are strong and flexible, and don’t worry about injury or not being able to do…well, anything physically.  Our strength is outwardly apparent, and inwardly lends a level of self confidence unsurpassed by others.  
  2. Because we train with CrossFit principles, we are physically challenged, on occasion, beyond the limits of our known capacity; and because we persevere, we know we can face any challenge that’s placed upon us- physically or mentally.  We have learned to mentally push through challenges we face that might be slightly beyond our known abilities. We hear this every day…athletes whose lives have taken unexpected turns and who tell us without CrossFit, they’d never have been able to get through it.  Sound like a stretch? Head on over to our PROOF page and see what many of our athletes have to say!
  3. Because we use what we have learned in the creation of RebelHealth, we make sound nutritional decisions backed by science that we trust (however in-flux nutritional science may be), and are able to maintain our great general health and body composition without much effort.  These principles run in line with CrossFit’s subscription to Paleo/Primal nutritional habits, but we took it a bit further and learned how to easily incorporate it into busy, budget-focused lifestyles. We are an awesome support structure for people who want to change the way the eat.  We see you at least 3 times a week, and we hold you accountable…if you want us to!IMG_4364
  4. Because we train within the CrossFit community, we are surrounded by like-minded individuals who love to train in a style that often feels like “play”, and  who enjoy seeing physical and mental progress come from their own sweat and tears (and OK, every once in a while, from a little blood – sorry mom!).  That same community accepts living as a “minority” among their family and friends as they make truly healthy food choices that are not necessarily mainstream…no cartoons peddling cereals, no flashy marketing claims for “heart healthy” or “low fat” will sway this community into the inner aisles of the grocery store.  We live this way so our lives are long, robust and functionally independent.  If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s and all that age-related talk doesn’t appeal to you, then we should say:
    “You do it to look good naked!”
    …plus, the friendships we’ve made over the past two and half years through CrossFit are some of the best we’ve ever known or had, and we wouldn’t trade that value in our lives for anything.   How’s that? 





We created this company…this gym… this “box”…
because we found a pastime that became a passion,
and we felt it would be an injustice not to make it our profession.

This community, Clearwater and the surrounding area, is our home.
We want our community…our athletes…to be healthy, and subsequently vibrant and happy.
We want our community to thrive, grow, progress…
We know we can help our community be healthier and happier.

Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.”

 Join our community.
Become a Rebel…
a Rebel for your own  health and fitness – a Rebel for that of your family.


Take us for a “Test Drive”…see for yourself if we “measure up”!
Email us to schedule a time to try us out – no commitment or obligation, other than that of some sweat and effort!
If you’re still not sure, we’ll do it again.
We want you to experience the type of training and the community.
You’ll quickly see how CrossFit Rebels builds fitness… FAST!

In all seriousness, we do take our jobs very seriously.  We are passionate about our profession, our athletes and our community.

Learn more about each of us from our Coaches Page.  Learn about what makes us tick, our qualifications, and our experience.  We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping others, and it’s THE most rewarding feeling…so yea…check us out! 



Waste 5 minutes of your life and Google “Importance of Rules”. You’ll find them in schools, in the military, in families for children, in corporate America disguised as “policy”…they’re everywhere, including the Bible. We all have our own set of personal rules. Well, we have them here, too, at CFR. We have rules or “standards” for each of our movements as well as rules for class structure. Our coaches’ are dedicated and focused to and on the athletes training – and to preserve that, we run our box on a class schedule.



CrossFit Classes generally last an hour.
The gym will be open approximately 15 minutes prior to the class start.
Warm up time is included in the hour-long class time.

The gym is either closed or occupied with personal training/private clients during non-CrossFit Class hours.
Please call or email (as indicated above) if you’re not a current athlete with us and wish to train. 


(Credit to United Barbell/CrossFit SOMA for the format and concept to better the box!)

CrossFit Rebels offers a Work Exchange Program to help supplement the effort it takes to make Rebels a fully equipped CrossFit Box with a clean, professional environment with customer service policies beyond the mental reach of the typical “box owner”.

Rebels who wish to contribute time (hours, effort, expertise) in exchange for membership dues may express their interest to Ed, Sam or Paul, or check the website for open positions.

Work Exchange is not a volunteer program.  12 hours of work per week will compensate for your monthly membership.  6 hours of work per week will halve your membership.  You get the picture.

Like you expect our coaches to be experts and to be focused on your progress, we expect Work Exchange members to demonstrate dependability, punctuality and accountability. Please contact us if you have interest in any of the open positions, or would like to leave your interest for any filled position should it open up. Please include your availability, your interest, your relevant skills and/or what you think you would be good at or what you can contribute to the box.