All of the coaches at CrossFit Rebels have a love and passion for health and fitness, and a commitment to improving the health, fitness, athletic performance and lives of the Rebel community.

We do not believe in recreating the wheel, stealing or plagiarizing others’ work, or taking credit for that which is not ours. The quote below is exactly how we feel about the responsibility of coaching every single athlete that walks through our door.

Take any body that comes through the door and this is THE very challenging…and really the MOST challenging and rewarding thing I think about this whole CrossFit gym movement and what we’re doing now…it’s the idea that we’re not selecting for some kind of elite or talented group of people. We’re trying to take anybody that comes in, and make them a bit better; and if they’re willing to work at it for a while and work hard at it then we might make them a lot better.  But they might come in with more than a few years under their belt, they might have some extra weight, they might have some old injuries, they might have all of that stuff going on at once; and they might not have been very talented, ever, and they may still not be very talented, and now they’re old and overweight too, and we’re STILL going to try to make them better. I think that’s a super ambitious goal on our part, and like [you] said, it’s nothing to be complacent about, it’s a serious undertaking. Not least of which, if we’re careless in our approach or too glad-handing in our throwing them in over their head and yell at them to try harder, it’s not hard to screw people up pretty seriously.”

~Dave Werner, Owner of CrossFit Seattle, the very first CrossFit Affiliate, taken from a radio interview with Robb Wolf.



Coaching can be done in so many ways, and we feel that we circle the gamut and cover all the bases here! Each of our coaching styles are different – from ultra-motivating and strategic, to “not-in-your-face” supervision, correction and encouragement, to technically strict and focused on ensuring our athletes are proficient with their skills and lifts…put it all together and you have an environment where athletes progress quickly, support one another and have a blast training!

We pride ourselves on knowing our athletes, what motivates them,
what their goals are, and how they like to be coached
…we’re individual that way.

We are a very mature “box” (what we call our gym), and we are a good-sized box, having opened July 2010. Though we have a broad base of athletes, what you’ll never be here is a number. Every single athlete who walks who in the door is on a first name (or nickname!) basis with our coaches – think of it as the “Cheers” atmosphere when you first walk in. We’re glad you’re here…even if in the middle of your WOD you’re not so sure you want to be here! Personal attention is our forte.

How do we achieve that? How can you give personal attention to every single athlete in the box if you’re not a small box? Well, we took a different approach when we opened our box. The first few coaches on our coaching staff after we opened, were full time…this was our full-time gig. All we did was coach, watch bodies, hone our skills. We’ve grown from this start-up standard, in that many of our coaches today are more than part-time, and are vested in the best interest of every athlete in the box. This is a very different atmosphere than if this was our part time job and our livelihood came from somewhere else. And that’s how we built our box – we currently have 7 full-time Head or Lead Coaches in addition to our part-time coaches, who also have long-standing histories with us and many have been here since our first year! At least one, but typically two to three of our Head Coaches are on the floor for every class, ensuring we show continuity of coaching and instruction…and most importantly “community”. 

IMG_6780.JPGIt’s really not that many.  Two Head Coaches for morning and midday and two for midday and evening, plus our part-time Coaches, our Legends Coaches and our CrossFit Kids Program Coaches…we have to cover all our bases!

YOU’LL SEE WE ARE A QUALITY “BOX” (gym). We define the quality of a coach as a compassionate and caring personality, training and knowledge in exercise science, biomechanics, kinesiology and general strength and conditioning. Quality to us means having coaches that have the ability to communicate all levels of coaching and training the athlete in a way that both makes sense and is effective – producing a strong, efficient athlete. And without being cliche…you get what you pay for. We might not be the least expensive box in the area, but you’ll not get more for your money anywhere else. Period.

CrossFit can be dangerous. Guys, when was the last time you picked 350 or 400 pounds up off the floor? Ladies, how about the last time you held 150 pounds over your head? Riiiiiight! You don’t want to be in the hands of someone who isn’t familiar with the body (anatomy), the way the body moves (kinesiology & biomechanics) and who isn’t heavily experienced with the movements of CrossFit so that they can prepare you and coach you from experience, not just having read it or viewed a video.  …not to mention, someone who doesn’t know you! Hence the higher level efforts in our coaching staff. 

We only hire coaches from within our box – those who’ve trained with us and our athletes. It’s important to us that our athletes respect and like the coaches who are their motivators, educators and support structure. We require our Head and Lead Coaches to have a background in exercise science or be certified as a personal trainer; though CrossFit teaches us a lot, we find it imperative that our coaches understand basic exercise anatomy and physiology so they coach the athlete to the fullest, not just get athletes through the WOD. You could say we’ve become very selective with our coaches.

We have built a community of athletes who represent us well, and we’re proud to call each of them a part of our extended family!