Work Exchange Program

CrossFit Rebels offers a Work Exchange Program to help supplement the effort it takes to make Rebels a fully equipped CrossFit Box with a clean, professional environment and customer service policies beyond the mental reach of the typical “box owner”.

Rebels who may wish to contribute time (hours, effort, expertise) in exchange for membership dues may express their interest to Ed, Sam, or Paul and/or check the website (see below) for open positions. Work Exchange is not a volunteer program. 12 (twelve) hours of work per month (3 per week) will typically compensate a monthly membership.

Just like we expect our coaches to be experts and to be focused on your progress, we expect Work Exchange members to demonstrate dependability, punctuality and accountability. Email us for information or availability of any of our positions that interest you, or if you would like to leave your name and share interest for any filled positions, should they open up. Please include your availability, your interest, your relevant skills and/or what you think you would be good at or what you can contribute to the box.


  • Expectations for position will be clearly delineated in writing and agreed upon by both Rebels management  & Work Exchange member in advance of starting.
  • First failure to meet expectations laid out in writing at inception of work exchanged relationship will result in a verbal dialog discussing the need for compliance. Second failure to meet expectations will result in termination or partnership/work exchange. Membership will not be affected but work exchange agreement for dues will not be continued.
  • Work Exchange Program occurs during business hours between 6am and 8pm, not after hours. No keys to facility are issues to Work Exchange.
  • Work Exchange does not afford the ability to use the box as an open gym unless expressed otherwise in advance by owners. Class protocols remain in effect.



  • 11/1/2015 These positions are currently filled
  • Thursdays from 2pm to 5pm
  • You will assist in the honor of keeping our box one of the cleanest and “posh”-est in Florida! Requires a little dirty work, but can be done w/ a headset and can constitute a nice lower intensity training session for the week. Includes general cleaning, running the mechanical floor cleaner, mopping, wiping down equipment and vacuuming.
  • A partial position of cleaning just the restrooms and offices is also available.


  • 11/1/2016 This position is currently unavailable
  • Daily or MWF for two hours a day minimum.
  • MS Office required. MS Excel helpful. General organizational and office skills a must.
  • Includes checking, responding to email, voice mail, making copies, and filing.
  • May include special projects as directed by Ed and/or Sam
  • Can be 6-12+ hours / week


  • 11/1/2015 This position is currently filled.
  • This is a 1/2 membership position unless otherwise specified in the agreement.  Every other week between the hours of 10am and 11am, or 2pm to 4pm.
  • Monthly cleanup/maintenance of gym equipment: rowers, bands, rigs and racks, plate markings and bar cleaning.
  • Painting, light maintenance work that could include plumbing, electrical, and creative construction..


  • Hours needed vary
  • Level 1 Tested/Passed coach for Adult CrossFit Classes
  • Level 1 Tested/Passed & CrossFit Kids Coach for Kids Classes
  • Personal Trainer certified and interested in becoming a CrossFit Coach for Adult Classes – INTERNSHIP
  • Personal Trainer certified and interested in becoming a CrossFit Kids Assistant Coach
  • Interest in fitness with desire/plan to become CrossFit Certified and Coach (adults/kids) – INTERNSHIP

Email us  for information on availability