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Happy Pre-Anniversary Rebels!

Monday, July 8th, 2019

Coach Sam here. I know, I’m the wordy one!

Saturday night, Coach and GM Paul pulled off an epic surprise!  For the past several months I’ve been more than miffed with the lack of efforts and concern that we didn’t have a plan to celebrate the milestone of our 9 year box anniversary. I know, “it’s not the big one…it’s not the ’10’ “, but I’m a planner….and no one was planning!

Fast foward to Saturday night and Ed and I are crazy surprised because it’s hard to pull anything over our eyes, as we feel pretty connected to the community. Well done!

9 years simply makes us better. Better at coaching, better at running a business like a business and better at all the ancillaries that make a better box (like diet, lifestyle, modifications…you name it).

I was trying to explain to someone one day why “I can’t just step back and let “someone else do it””.  Our business is people – it’s a service.  We don’t sell widgets or downloads. It’s different.  The right personality with the right instruction with the right level of care…every hour, every day, over and over.  All of the Rebel Coaches from Ed and I,  all the way to the newest ones truly care.  And every single athlete who puts their confidence in us to make them stronger, faster, leaner, more skillful … we take care of them, make them better.  It’s not just “any coach” and not just “any athlete”. It’s all of us. WE MAKE REBELS!

Thank you to Paul and everyone who showed up texted us and thought of us this weekend. Our actual anniveray is 7/12 (also “Wife’s Birthday!)…but this was the best….preempting the next year this way was super memorable.

Below I pulled some new and old photos…so many to pick from. Our GOOGLE PHOTOS albums stores every photo from 2010 forward.  I honestly don’t know how to direct everyone there but all the albums are public…there are some oldies and goodies! And up to date current ones.

We love you guys!

~Sam and Ed


ed paul sam


A Young Matt Mitchell!



A young Erin M!


Mikey’s back…no boot!




Permission from mom and dad: Jackson will be a Rebel soon!










Managing the Open Emotions

Sunday, March 17th, 2019


Hi! Tiffany here…my first blog with Rebels!!!  I hope you enjoy <3


The Open can be a roller coaster of emotions during the workouts and between the workouts. Most of us have had at least one workout where we surprised ourselves, or achieved a PR making us super happy with our performance. Most of us then too, have experienced workouts where we were crushed, not only physically, but mentally. We left the workout disappointed or unhappy with our performance.

We focus a lot in our sport on the physical, getting stronger and faster; however, what about the mental side of the sport? It’s easy to ride the highs of the PRs but how do we manage the lows of our disappointments and move forward? Here are a few things to consider as you reflect on this year’s Open.

We’ve All Been There
There can be comfort in knowing that what you’re feeling, your peers have felt it too. You’re not alone.

Wallow and Flip the Script
Allow yourself time to feel disappointed, it’s a natural human emotion. We have high expectations of ourselves as we try to become stronger and fitter. If we fall short of our personal expectations, it’s OK to feel upset. However, don’t wallow for too long! Give it a day, then try to use the disappointed feeling as fuel to ignite your passion to train.

Develop a Plan
With your newly fueled fire, develop a clear plan for moving forward. The Open is so cool because it brings our attention to areas in our fitness that can be improved. What did the Open point out to you this year? Do you want to improve your gas tank? Do you want to improve strength? Do you realize you need to work more on mobility (plugging Saturday yoga here!)? Or maybe it’s the gymnastics that got you caught up. Work with a Rebels head coach to talk about your goals and develop a specific plan for training. The more the coaches know about your desires as an athlete the better we can coach you daily during the WODs!

Quit the Negative Talk
We often say things like “I suck at pull ups” or “I’m not strong enough” or “I’m just not good at that lift” which is BS. Think about this, if you’re talking to your friend, would you tell your friend they suck at a movement or tell them they are weak? No. Most of us wouldn’t negatively talk to a friend that way. So then, why would we negatively talk about ourselves that way?

Redirect your negative self talk. No longer are you not strong enough; your muscles are adapting to increased loads. No longer do you suck at pull ups; you’re working to be more efficient. And no more are you not good at a lift; you are working on muscle memory for technique.

We are Unique Snowflakes
We are all on different fitness and health journeys. I mean we are united by all having a desire to improve fitness and health through the means of CrossFit and Rebels; however, where we are on this journey is different. It can be easy to compare yourself to other athletes; but just keep in mind again we are all on a different journey. We all have different goals whether it is weight management, strength building, managing health risks such as diabetes or hypertension. Some of us just want to look better naked. No matter your reason for stepping into the Rebels box, it’s a great reason. If you find that you’re comparing yourself to others, admire the skill in others you see and certainly work to achieve it if it’s a goal; but keep yourself grounding and don’t lose sight of the fact that you are on your own fitness journey.

Find the Positive
It’s easy to lose sight of what we have accomplished when we are working on achieving goals. However, take the time to see what you accomplished this past year and find some positives. Did you have a movement in this year’s Open that you didn’t have last year? Did some of the lifts feel a touch easier because you’re getting stronger? Did you feel a sense of community? Did you have fun? An accomplishment is a step forward regardless of how you define it (small or big). Don’t diminish your accomplishments! Steps forward are how we improve and let’s celebrate these steps forward.

Riding this emotional rollercoaster of the Open can be hard, but really, it’s part of the experience. Give yourself credit for putting yourself out there and competing. It’s hard-that’s kind of the point. Use the Open to help move you forward in your fitness and health. Find the positive, celebrate the wins, define your goals and dedicate your training to achieve them. Quit the negative self talk, and find the comfort in the fact that you’ve got an amazing support team around you at Rebels-the coaches and your fellow athletes. #RebelsAF

CrossFit Rebels and The Open 2019

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 9.58.19 AM

We CrossFit for a lot of reasons:

  • strength
  • endurance
  • variety
  • “real movements”
  • camaraderie
  • a challenge
  • new skills
  • unlimited potential….and I could go on….

CrossFit is our “Sport”. It’s not a gym routine like hitting up LA Fitness or Crunch for body part splits and long slow treadmills. I’ve done that, and it’s great for bodybuilding, but CrossFit is different.  It’s not kickboxing, spinning, running either.  In CrossFit, we develop skills and techniques that benefit us in our competition (WODs) and we practice those skills and techniques, try to get stronger, faster, and more agile with every practice session.  We work through imbalances and “tweaks” that happen because we are so in love with our sport that we “dove for a ball at shortstop and jammed our elbow”.…no different than going for those last few pull-ups and ending up with a bit of tendonitis.  Most of us choose that “dive“…because CrossFit is the SPORT of Fitness…not the fitness routine of CrossFit.  We compete with ourselves first, with our friends and “box-mates”;  we even compete with random social media entities that we don’t personally know and have never met.

Once a year for the last 8 years, the Open occurs. While some of us may have Regionals/Games aspirations, most of us are competing with ourselves, want to be better this year than last, want to display a newly earned skill as RX this year (like Double Unders or Bar Muscle Ups), and/or just want to “play in this tournament”.  If you see this as a sport, dissing the Open this year is like practicing with your team all year and then refusing to go to the tournaments because…why? You miss Dave Castro? He’s still around – the Director of the CF Games and the architect of the Open and Games WODs!  You didn’t like the Open Announcement? read The CrossFit Games Season: A Uniquely Valuable Opportunity for Other People (OPINION).  Many of us get our “CrossFit Gossip” from the Morning Chalk Up’s short quick updates.  Engage your longer read thinking for a bit and catch up. Being informed is a lot more intelligent than being a part of all the negative chatter surrounding what none of us really know anything about. Don’t like this WOD? Really? I’d say it’s better than 17.5: 10 rounds of 9 light thrusters and 35 dubs.

I originally wanted to write this as a “why” you should do the Open. I’ve been trying to find the time to do it for two weeks.  But over this two weeks, I seem to have spent more time defending the Open than composing and communicating about it.  It’s still the Open – the rules of admission to the Games have changed. If someone thought they truly had a shot at Regionals – why didn’t you attempt Wodapalooza? If Ed doesn’t make the Masters Online Qualifier we already know we’ll probably try to get him into the Rogue Invitational in Ohio in the spring.  If you think you have what it takes, then find a sanctioned event. The Open for 2020 starts in October – right around the corner.  Excuses are all around – you can either be a part of them or embrace the sport so many of us have followed over the past several years.

Back to the Open.  There are so many reasons to do the Open! I was chatting with one friend/athlete and said: “we’re science experiments…if we train consistently and continue to improve, at what age will that improvement slow or stop?”. That’s a goal in of itself: continue progressing – don’t allow regression.  With that as a goal for our sport, performance, and our health – who could argue that’s not an investment we should engage in year after year?”. What if your pull-ups are better than they were last year and we have a repeat of a pull-up WOD you did the year prior? You’ll crush it! What if you’re not sure if you’re getting fitter – do this Open this year – and do it next year. That’s the macro view. The micro view is tracking your WODs – are you stronger, faster, more efficient? Do you have skills you didn’t have a few months ago? Are you “almost there” on something that possibly the adrenaline of the Open might nudge you over the top to achieve that goal? Are you a very good athlete who has excelled this year and can’t wait to see where you place? Have you had the year from hell and had inconsistent training for whatever reason – wondering if you’ve been able to maintain your fitness after having only trained once or twice a week? (It happens!). Or are you a newbie to CrossFit, terrified of the Open, but plan on attending the judging Friday night or Saturday morning to see what this is all about? Whatever your situation, there’s something in the Open for you! Be a part of it. You’ll not regret it.

As an affiliate owner for the past 8 1/2 year, I can sit back and look at this very logically – the Open is a part of who we are – regardless of the quality of the video that represented 19.1, head over to The CrossFit Games site and check out 19.1. The divisions, loads, etc…all in plain sight with rules and how the scorecard is laid out for being judged. Watch CrossFit’s Facebook and Instagram Pages, and the CrossFit Games site. If you’re tracking the Elites, be a part of the process that helped them become Elite.

The 2019 CrossFit Open Season has a different start…as it did the year they removed “sectionals”…embrace the change. It’s one certainty in life – there will always be change.





Have a Bagel Day

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 12.42.47 PM

Today is “Have a Bagel Day”.  Obviously under our CrossFit umbrella of…

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.
Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.
–Greg Glassman, “What is Fitness?,” CrossFit Journal (Oct. 2002) pg. 1

…bagels just don’t fit, right?

But occasionally when you get that urge (it happens), here are a few ways to balance that starch bomb so your body uses the fuels versus storing it, and also prevent a blood sugar spike.

If you’re going to have your bagel today, on “Have a Bagel Day”:

  1. Train today! For crying out loud, train! Go heavy on your press and go hard on your pull-ups. You should be sweating nicely during the Strength WOD (part 2). On the metcon, 17.5, while it’s 10 rounds, it’s 10 fast rounds! Take advantage of the fact that your body will want to reach for whatever glucose is circulating in your bloodstream in addition to glycogen stores in your muscles. The harder you go the more of that “digested/converted bagel” you eat/ate will be used as fuel for your training and/or recovery.
  2. If you have your bagel BEFORE you train, be smart: balance out that carbohydrate load with some things that will also lend to your health (nutrient dense additions) and give you more fuel for your workout. Consider a high-quality protein like beef, chicken, pork or fish. Salmon and bagels are famous together.  Add a high-quality fat such as grass-fed butter, avocado or eggs!  Eggs would provide a high-quality fat and a good little bit of protein too. If this is a meal add a ton of greens and other veggies to top it off.
  3. If you have your bagel AFTER you train, use it as post workout fuel with a little lean protein. Skip the fat and let the bagel spike your insulin and allow those carbohydrates and the protein to be soaked up by your hungry muscles.

Either way, you’ll not feel one ounce of guilt on “Have a Bagel Day”, your training outcomes will be fantastic and you’ll be fueled to train tomorrow!


Mouth is back at Rebels! (More)

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Legends @ CFR Logo


Coach Sam here.

Sometimes when forced to change, you realize the benefits of the change even though it’s hard.

Many of you know, 3 years ago, Ed created and has run the “offsite Legends” program for an organization he once chaired.  We contracted with them 3 x / week for four hours a day.  Friday we were informed they are replacing our services with less expensive trainers (non-physical therapist, obviously) who can teach fitness at a lesser cost and higher athlete to coach ratio. We were not willing, considering the age and intensity of the training we provided, to do that and up to Friday, the organization had agreed – quality first.

So, as I woke this morning to a full moon, the crispness in the air and cooler temps, I realize everything happens for a reason and the positive side of this is we have not been able to progress many of the athletes at the offsite location due to lack of equipment and space.  Here at Rebels, we not only don’t have that problem but we also have the ability to add the Thursday “long slow cardio day” which enhances the memory center of the brain – more things we were limited with at the offsite location.

Next Saturday, 10/27, we had scheduled (ironically but not what an opportunity!) our Legends Program intro class at 10:30 after the Team WOD. NOW, we know we have Ed here more and we can truly grow the Legends Program the way it needs to be grown: introducing more “masters” and “grand masters” athletes to the type of fitness we’ve found and proven to make you more mobile, functional, independent and overall healthier as you age. So come one, come all – our program is designed for seniors age 65 and up. It’s fantastic, and we have testimonial after testimonial to prove it.

Good news for the current athletes at CrossFit Rebels – it’s always a plus to have Mouth (Ed) back in the box – and now it’s permanent!







Sunday, July 22nd, 2018


Coach Nicole’s 2018 CF Kids Spring Jamboree, In-house “Family Edition” was a complete hit!

In a mere 2 weeks, Coach Nic pulled off a comprehensive competition complete with judges, scoring, and sponsors…not to mention 26 Teams of two!

It’s impossible to express our gratitude for the outpouring of support from our community…from donations, to adults volunteering as partners for kids without, to judging, scoring and set up volunteers…we’re overwhelmed!

SPONSORS: We need to send a special thanks to those who donated to the event to make it affordable for the kids:

Blue Streak Docs-Sam Gendusa        Sarah & Mike Croft  

Postcard Mania:Joy        Mark Osbourne-Freestyle Pools

Mike Fields        Christina Stamoolis        Brian  & Andi  Newdeck

Matt & Katie Crum    ACISS Systems, Inc. – Chad Hawkinson

Roberts Printing        Jess Plumb        Blaine Heric        Faith Fuller

A special thanks to Mike Fields who hates this, but it must be done: he’s the guy who thinks of everything. He, along with Dave Sellman and Thad Carter saved us during the Open with their construction of a 15-foot rope. Well, Mike wrangled some of the gifts cards for us from Rogue, and also figured out “we forgot food” and brought the Pizza’s in for the kids! Your generosity completely astounds us. We love you, Mike!

VOLUNTEERS: We are so thankful for all the help. From set up to clean up, you made the event run as smooth as it did.  Your time and support means so much to us and the kids.  A special thanks to Lyann Santana for helping for her t-shirt idea and helping out with errands.  Thanks to Coach Ed for keeping our girl calm during the beginning…but as the day went on and things rolled along so wonderfully -Nic gained her stride back and finished like a champ!

We will have many more photos going up on FB, IG, and Google later Monday, so stay tuned for that!

Once again, thank you all so much for making this event such a hit. It’s important to continue to instill in our children how much fun fitness can be, how competition builds character, humility, and integrity, not to mention teamwork.  To the parents and “proxies” who competed with the kids, thank you for coaching up the kids and helping them complete some grueling workouts! Beware, this combo of workouts might show up as a #soulcrushwednesday!

Congratulations to the winning teams:

1st: Isaiah and Oscar
2nd: Kyle and CJ
3rd: Bryce and Nick



The proceeds from the competition donations that don’t go to direct expenses will serve to purchase new equipment for the growing CF Kids program, including new barbells for the little kids, new gymnastics mats and a potentially a rock climbing wall!


Monday, July 16th, 2018



  • Parent/relative/friend will team up with a CrossFit Kid for  3 WOD’s!
  • If you’d like to help out in any way please contact Coach Nic at the gym or email: nicole@crossfitrebels.com

This year Coach Nic devised a  competition where her kids will pair with a parent, relative or friend to compete as teams of “kid/adult” for one top prize!  All divisions are leveled out so regardless of age, the kid/adult teams are even.

Each event will be judged just like our standard competitions are, so please note the volunteers needed section below!

Competitions like this teach our kids the value of integrity, virtuosity, and teamwork, all rolled up in a game-like event.

We welcome all of our Rebels, friends, family and anyone who would like to experience how our box comes together to put on an event that benefits a program designed to shape the future of our kids and their love of our sport of CrossFit!

DONATE: Coach Nic is asking for donations to provide our CrossFit Kids with a fun and rewarding fitness experience. This is a fitness event dedicated to the families who CrossFit with us. You donation will cover the event costs, and we will dedicate any remaining funds toward equipment for the CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Rebels.

VOLUNTEER: We’re still looking for more help!

 COME CHEER ON YOUR FELLOW CF KIDS!! Spectators are welcome – the more the merrier. Lets show our kids how amazing they truly are! This Saturday, July 21st at 10:30am – 1pm.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 1.34.36 AM

8 Years of Rebels

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Hello, Rebels!


  Our first tire, telephone poles and a bare floor with white walls 😬

Sam here. I couldn’t help inserting “old pictures” along the way of this post….enjoy!

Ed and I wanted to put out a quick post to thank everyone who has made our box (your box) such an amazing place to get healthy and fit, learn, de-stress, build relationships….basically everything! That “everyone” is:

  • the athletes (young, medium and old…because you know we have them all!),
  • the community (because your spouses, parents, and kids are a part of our community),
  • the coaches (who are also athletes),
  • our athletes who have moved away or are unable to train, but who still visit and love our community,
  • the parents  of our younger athletes,
  • and our neighbors – love them or hate them, they put up with a lot from us as we run, park and take over the street each day.

July 12th of 2010, Ed took me to dinner and basically said: “let’s try this”.  Most of you have heard the story that it was supposed to be a hobby (insert hysterical laugh here!). Fast forward 8 years and I honestly could not have imagined we’d be where we are today.


                    Ask JD – that tire got heavier over the years!

A large community that seems small and tight – like a village – Rebels has continued to grow and offer more and more to our community:


  •  Lines of programming
    • CrossFit WOD (main programming)
    • RX+ – the competitor’s program (began as CrossFit Football)
    • CrossFit Kids Program
      • Teen Strength Program
    • Strength Bias Program
    • Legends (60+) Program


  • Additional services
    • Yoga
    • Open Gym (Thurs/Sat) – the ability for you to be more a part of your own programming those days
    • Premium Open Gym
    • Personal Training
    • Special Workshops – outside experts brought to you for additional training and education

                 Young Nic and Reese!

But with everything we try to add or build into a higher quality product, the goal is always the same: improve your health and fitness. We are running right along side of CrossFit.com as they fight Big Sugar, Big Ag and the misinformation that flows mainstream and keeps America sick and unhealthy. Our goals for continuing to run alongside and possibly ahead of the curve continue.

                                                2013/14? They were so young!

To be in this line of work (training/coaching/running the operations of a training/coaching business) one has to have a passion for the field, and in this case, CrossFit – a passion for improving movement, strength, mobility, performance…all in line with a body’s ability to progress.  I know I’ve talked to a few people lately about “what if I wasn’t running Rebels”….I’d be doing the same thing somewhere else. Ed and my passion for you – our community – is greater than anyone can know. We have also built a business that can help a “coach” grow with a career that can support the quality of life they want… if they’re truly passionate about helping others and can see the benefit of all aspects of “running a box” as a part of the package. They are committed to continuing their education on a daily basis: exercise science, strength and conditioning, kinesiology, rehabilitation, psychology, construction, marketing/business development, customer service, risk….so much to learn and a lifetime to get there! It’s why we’re never bored.


                                               CrossFit Kids doing their thing!


Saturday, we will bring in two professionals who bring a level of expertise that none of us can touch. We feel like we have the training aspect well covered…diet too, but sometimes sticking with it in the face of jobs, family, school, stress, etc. can seem impossible. And, frankly, the information on “diet” out there is simply ridiculous these days.  We hope that the motivation you’ll receive from a 26 year military veteran (details at the box) and a seasoned Registered Dietician who’s been through all of the trends and fads, will help round out getting us all on track for the second part of the year, the 2019 Open and healthy life to come. 



Healthy pregnancies that include   CrossFit are becoming a thing!


We love you guys!

Sam & Ed






Not Much Has Changed

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Ed and I met the founder of Bubs naturals. Sean Lake is a Navy Seal who was roommates with Glen “Bubs” Doherty…you’ll know that name from our CF Hero WOD “Glen“. Sean was instrumental in getting that Hero WOD created.

Sam and Ed here again. Ending day one, on to day two.

Not much has changed in four years…maybe an emphasis on genetic testing, epigenetics and stem cell therapy…but the basics are still the same:

  • Eat whole, unprocessed food avoiding highly processed, highly palatable and therefore addictive carbohydrates and combinations of carbohydrates, fats, and chemicals. => maintain gut health
  • Move.  Lift heavy, sprint, do some long-slow cardio.
  • Sleep well.
  • Maintain quality social relationships.
  • Manage stress (meditate, journal, enjoy life).
  • Get quality light exposure during the day (circadium rhythms and vitamin D)
  • Experience new things; have novel experiences

…basically, lead a balanced, healthy, fulfilled life – that’s 80% of the battle.

We hit a good Biohacking Panel, but again, with the premise that biohacking occurs (or should occur) after your “house is in order” (see 7 bullets above). The panelists felt that the biggest mistake being made “out there” was there was that people don’t want to fix the basics to form a solid foundation, and were trying to hack themselves healthy eating donuts, being sedentary and overly stressed out. Sort of what we say with weight loss: 80% of it is in the kitchen…put athletes will still say “how many calories did I burn in today’s workout” – such a mainstream rookie thing to look at – or “what exercise can I do to get a six pack…or get the fat off my triceps?”.  It just doesn’t work that way. Clean up your life and you may not even want to experiment with biohacking!

Supplements weren’t a high focus which was a relief. In fact, at one point Chris Kresser asked the audience how many people took up to 5  supplements a day – the masses raised their hands. Then he asked how many took up to 10…again…a sea of hands. He bowed and shook his head and said: “…and you think is a good thing…that’s what’s so disappointing”. He’s a huge advocate of cleaning up the basics and letting things settle in before supplementing/biohacking.

Paleo remains a logical framework from which to BEGIN. As we continue to believe, everyone should do this as an elimination diet for 30 days and then gradually add back, one at a time, the foods you miss and wish to reintroduce.  You’ll know immediately if you “react” poorly to ingesting them. From here you can make your own decisions as to what your individualized diet should be made up of.

Tomorrow’s tracks (written on Friday night, so Saturday’s tracks) include the following:

State of the Paleo Union Mastermind Panel with Sarah Ballantyne, MD, Robb Wolf, Joseph Mercola, MD, Chris Kresser, MD and Mark Sisson (all linked yesterday).  This panel is about where we’ve been and where we’re headed.  The wins, the losses and where the heavy lifting remains. 

Dealing with Cortisol Dysfunction in the Gym with Emily Schromm. [We’ll have to cut out of the Mastermind Panel to hit this so it’s a maybe]. This lecture focuses on how hyper or hypo cortisol can impact your ability to recover, see results and how to understand adrenal patterns for optimal health. How “adrenal fatigue” is a bit of a junk term and how the problem is truly HPA Axis Dysregulation and how to tell if you’re being properly diagnosed. 

Leveraging Lifestyle Choices for Brain Health with David Perlmutter, MD. This lecture is about neurodegenerative conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and how they have an ever-increasing impact on society. Despite the recent emergency of novel and effective interventional protocols, by and large, attention dedicated to utilization leading-edge research in the development of preventative programs remains virtually absent from medical discourse.  This presentation will explore how lifestyle choices that emulate those of our ancestors play a powerful and highly validated role in determining the destiny of the brain. Specific emphasis will be placed on favorably influencing the balance between inflammation and neurogenesis. In addition to exploring the direct effects of lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, this program will evaluate these factors as they are seen through the lens of the gut microbiome.

The Pitfalls of Keto + Exactly How To Do It Right with Dr. Will Cole (linked yesterday). This lecture will explore how to do the brain-boosting, fat-burning, hormone-healing, energizing benefits of a ketogenic diet without falling prey to the top keto pitfalls.

The Ketogenic Diet for Health, Performance, And Vibrancy Mastermind Panel with Nora Gedgaudas, Robb Wolf, Luis Villasenor, and Allie Miller, RD. (others linked yesterday). This panel will discuss keto as another variant of the Paleo diet. But what makes the ketogenic approach so effective? What are the dos, don’ts and pitfalls? And how do we the keto approach to address common concerns like adrenal fatigue and hormonal dysregulation?

How to End Chronic Disease with Chris Kresser, MD.  This talk is about being in the midst of an epidemic of chronic disease, unlike anything human beings have ever experienced. It’s destroying our quality of life, undermining the health of future generations, threatening to bankrupt our economy, and driving physicians away from medicine. Unfortunately, our current model of “disease management” has not only failed to address the problem, it has contributed to it. In this presentation, a new paradigm of healthcare—and health—with the potential to prevent and reverse chronic disease and create personally and financially rewarding practices for healthcare professionals will be outlined. This approach combines functional medicine, an evolutionary perspective on diet and lifestyle, and a collaborative micro practice model to revolutionize patient care and restore the vibrant health that is our birthright.

5 Mythis about Dietary Protein for Body Composition with Mike T Nelson. This lecture discusses how protein seems to stir up lots of controversy from the amount that you need to support muscle growth or changes in body composition to health (kidney damage, it rots your bones, etc). We’ll find out how much you really need based on the current research.

Care and Feeding of a Healthy Gut Microbiome Mastermind Panel with Chris Kresser, MD, Sarah Ballantyne, MD, David Perlmutter, MD, and Vincent Pedre, MD. . This panel will discuss what makes for a healthy gut microbiome? And why is it so vitally important to understand and care for it? How do I know if my gut microbiome is happy and healthy? We’ll discuss that — and a whole lot more — in this panel.

Check out our Day 1 agenda if you missed it yesterday.

Today’s tracks were good, but some of the feedback we’d heard from past speakers and attendees who weren’t attending this year is starting to make sense. The true experts are being watered down with the “I had [insert disease here] and cured it with [check one: keto, paleo, IF]”…bloggers sharing their n=1 stories, versus credentialled medical and nutritional experts ruling the stages.  This was the most disappointing part of the day – two panels had “odd fits” in them where when the oddly inserted guest spoke, everyone in the room looked around like “where’d this guy come from”.

For the most part, however, our choices were solid.  We’ll sum it all up once we get back 😉



One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Hey Rebels!

Sam here. Ed and I “stepped out of town” this weekend to attend PaleoFX in Austin, Tx.  PaleoFX is a three-day health and wellness conference that’s been around for at least 5 years.  We attended in 2014 and it was amazing. The coordinators bring in experts from various fields in the natural health arena – including diet, primary care (MD’s), lifestyle and fitness.  We typically tend to migrate to the health and wellness and not the fitness, because, well, we’re pretty good at positioning the jerk and the DL :).

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The conference is set up like an ala-carte menu where we choose one of three to five tracks per hour or two.  Speakers, panels, and demonstrations are the types of tracks.  Today we’re hitting the following:

The Biomarkers of Health, Wellness and Vibrancy Mastermind Panel with Chris Kresser, MD,  Dr. Daniel Stickler, Dr. Will Cole, Ann Shippy, MD, Richard Mauer, MD.  A few of these presenters are highly credentialed physicians in the functional medicine field.  Others are accomplished authors and professionals in the same field. The panel’s focus is…To get where you want to go, you first have to know where you’re at; tools, tests and techniques for identifying the state of your current health, and how the same can be used to create a roadmap forward will be discussed.

10 Ways to Look Good Naked and Live a Long, Limitless Life with Ben Greenfield. Many of you may know him as the endurance expert.  The track tackles fringe yet proven tactics to look good naked and live a long time.  Topics including nutritional strategies such as intermittent fasting, cyclic ketosis, protein-sparing modified fasts; “hormetic” stressors, including hyperoxygenation, wild plant and herb consumption, pulsing molecular hydrogen, beta-hydroxy butyrate and ketone supplementation, cold thermogenesis and cryotherapy, heat and sauna; caloric restriction mimetic drugs, supplements and herbs, including rapamycin, metformin, MitoQ, resveratrol, pterostilbene, ketones and other traditional blood sugar stabilizing nutrients such as bitter melon extract, ceylon cinnamon and apple cider vinegar; stem cell enhancing and stem cell supporting nutrients and foods, including colostrum, chlorella, curcumin, marine phytoplankton, aloe vera, coffeeberry fruit extract and moringa; the sweet spot between excess growth hormonhttp://crossfitrebels.com/e and enough growth hormone to maintain anabolism as one ages, including strategies such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, colostrum, dairy extracts, injectable growth hormone precursors and growth hormone pulsing compounds and more; upregulating intake of activators of “sirtuins”, a family of genes that increase the efficiency of an organism to fight stress like excess heat or lack of food maintaining its power of natural defense, maximize the chances of survival of an organism, increase longevity and health if remaining activate, and deemed as “longevity genes” because they lower risk of diseases causing old age, including blueberry, dark chocolate, green tea and resveratrol; biohacks and strategies that address mitochondrial degradation, mitochondrial aging, and excessive formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS’s), including Pau D’ Arco bark tea, NAD injections and supplements, fenugreek, fish oil, CoEnzyme Q10, glutathione injections and supplements and other potent antioxidants, all of which can serve as compounds that specifically limit or mitigate mitochondrial damage and finally everything necessary to measure the efficacy of efforts to increase longevity, decrease the rate at which telomeres shorten and stave off decline of each of the systems and aging processes including both modern technology and observational data such as telomere measurements, handgrip strength, insulin/IGF measurements, blood glucose tracking, walking speed, facial appearance, muscular force production and more.

The Latest in Biohacking Mastermind Panel with Kirk Parsley, MD, Joseph Mercola, MD, Ben Greenfield, Alex Charfen,  and Kyle Kingsbury  The panel’s focus is the latest trends in physical and cognitive enhancement. And is biohacking even a legitimate pursuit, or is its popularity just an indication of how decrepit our species has become?

The System is a Lie Mastermind Panel with Robb Wolf, Mike Bledsoe, Hillary Bromberg, Mikhaila Peterson, & Mark Dhamma. This is a panel we attended in 2014 where the healthcare system is discussed and what the future of medicine SHOULD look like so we have more prevention and less treatment. 

What is High Performance with Kirk Parley, MD.  This lecture will be about the value of lifestyle modification (with -of course- a fair emphasis on sleep)  affects every aspect of performance – to include strength, endurance, cognition, resiliency, mood, sex, finances, etc.  

Metabolic Flexibility with Robb Wolf. Politics, religion, and nutrition are not pleasant dinner conversation. Why? Conflict. Drama. Why is this the case with nutrition? Perhaps instead of focussing on finding a “one size fits all” solution we should seek metabolic flexibility…the ability to thrive under a host of different nutritional scenarios.

Looking forward to bringing back some good info!

Also, we’re hoping for some good ideas to help the community in total push back against the way life can derail our efforts to be “generally healthy!” Stay tuned!