Hello, Fellow Rebels! So much to digest (pun intended) after the Open this year. Our goals – breaking them down into smaller, achievable subsets of the ultimate goal. Many of us know or knew our diets played a huge part of our success or failure
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Good Health Starts with Your Diet

IT STARTS WITH DIET While this post concludes our most recent Health Challenge, and while the tone rings the same as with past Challenges, it’s better. We’re just smarter, so much more experienced and are able to provide more data that’s pertinent, not just for marketing
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Heroes & Health Challenge Follow Up!

Pardon the vulgarity in this…too funny to pass up!! Love The Oatmeal!! Hey guys…brief post to reel us in and button things up!! Please turn in first of this week log as soon as you can. Your final bonus point will be the completion of
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Day 21.5

We have a half day. Make it until noon. Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Day 21

This is basically your last day! Tomorrow, Wednesdays, all you have to do is last until noon…but here’s the deal: vast majority of you have seen some very positive results: Some weight loss Some strength /performance gains Skin clarity “Eye of the Tiger” – we
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MONDAY…DAY 20! One point five days left!   You’ve got this! I’m going to start pinching you guys (those of you who are active in the challenge have priority) tomorrow. I’ll be there open to close and try to get you BEFORE you train. I’ll
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Day 19 – FAT

DAY 19 – FAT…no, not “you’re fat” but “dietary fat” **Don’t forget logs are due tomorrow! The Skinny on Fat For many reasons, beginning with Ancel Keys disseminating false information about dietary fat, dietary fat (saturated fat in particular) has gotten a bad rap for being
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Day 18!  We’re getting there! Most important point of the day for some of you…after three big heroes and a high volume week, let’s make up for some calories this weekend! 500 “non-restricted” calories. It’s not going to break the bank. I do believe in
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DAY 17 – FRIDAY! I probably should have done this early in the challenge – it’s important to the experiment, but also helps it generally make more sense. The reason we do these things is very simple: for a short period of time, remove potentially inflammatory
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DAY 16!  We have an unscheduled post here  as there’s a need for more understanding based on feedback from the group. Post Workout Carbs Before you “buy into this” and this should be aware that our goal for your is performance.  We want you to
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