As a young gym back in 2011, we knew we needed a competitors edge in our programming.

Some of the leaders of our coaching team have attended the CrossFit Competitors Course, CrossFit Football Certifications, Outlaw Camp, OPEX Camp and we continue to spread our wings in the strength and conditioning community as well as the CrossFit community to stay current and yet not follow every fad that comes across our Instagram page or through our email inbox.

CrossFit-Football_Logo-300x145In 2011, CrossFit Football (CFFB) was turning out some monsters in our sport. While the workouts were short and focused more on sport-specific performance, we excelled in using  CrossFit Football’s programming to augment our competitors.  (*Since 2016, CrossFit Football became Johnnie WOD, a subscription service for CFFB programming.)


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Fast forward a few years and Rudy Nielsen of Outlaw CrossFit was one of the first to programs for competitors who wanted to make it “to the CF Games”. Once again we fine-tuned our programming to include his programming lines tailored to Rebels. The change was good, but….once again…

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Currently, we deem Ben Bergeron’s programming, CompTrain, to be one of the leaders in training high-level CrossFitters.  Bergeron has been churning out CF Games athletes for the past several years.  We began following his competitors’ programming as it employed a structured lifting phase and periodized the year leading up to the Open.  His drills and benchmarks on high volume gymnastics also stuck us as pertinent to our goals. Our program runs a week behind the Comp Train site programming until nearer the open and then we run “day of”.


CrossFit Rebels’ athletes who wish to compete in the sport of CrossFit, who understand that there are fewer members of this program and that often the drive needs to be internal to succeed versus competing with the person right next to you, and who have the higher level gymnastic skills, barbell proficiency and loads and time to invest in the program are ideal candidates. Our program is called Rx+.

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Every quarter we take applications for entry into Rx+. Our application process ensures athletes who join this program are ready for it.  Our CrossFit WOD line of programming is aggressive, so an athlete who is RX’ing 80% of the daily WODs is a likely candidate for Rx+.  They will have competitive loads on the major lifts (power and Olympic), and have the ability and to perform all of the basic and advanced gymnastics movements from butterfly pull-ups to ring muscle ups.  They will have competitive scores on many of the CrossFit Benchmark Girls.


In addition, we look for leaders in the Rx+ program.  Athletes applying to this program are well respected in our community and are helpful and respectful of their fellow athletes. It goes without saying that Rx+ athletes are athletes other athletes will look up to.

Paul Chapman, General Manager, and Head Coach, runs this program.