Getting Started with CrossFit


Check out our Separating FACT from Fiction page to clear up anything you might have heard about CrossFit, and get the facts on this phenomenal training method!



Beginning anything new can be intimidating, whether a new job or a new sport.  CrossFit is a sport…the sport of fitness.  And of all the new things you could do, this is THE ONE about which you shouldn’t be hesitant.  Though it’s a “sport”, it’s about your health.  If you CrossFit, you are getting healthier – no doubt.

At CrossFit Rebels, we offer CrossFit classes Monday through Saturday.



Nike’s definition of an athlete is as follows:

if you have a body, you’re an athlete” 

Your membership with CrossFit Rebels immediately classifies you as an athlete, not a member. We hate that word:  member.  It implies the traditional gym setting where we take your money each month, hope you don’t show up, and hope to heck you know what you’re doing on the machines so we don’t have to call the legal department. 


As colorful as that is, it’s sadly true.  CrossFit Rebels’ enviroment is totally different, as is our “membership”. 


Our “Test Drive” is an opportunity to “try before you buy”.  When you schedule a Test Drive, you’ll meet one-on-one with a Head Coach.  You’ll fill out some obligatory paperwork, which will, besides satisfy all the legal mumbo-jumbo, give us an insight into your health and exercise history, goals, etc.,  so we can have a better understanding of who you are.  Then, we’ll walk you through a scaled version of our typical “warm up” (the precursor to every workout).  During that time, you’ll begin to learn our standards for proper form with some of the foundations at CrossFit:  pull ups, push ups, sit ups, squats…and maybe even a burpee or two!!  Then, we’ll talk you through our baseline workout for all new athletes before turning you loose on it.  This workout will give you a good taste of CrossFit, let you play with the “intensity” that is the magic behind CrossFit’s programming, and give us a good idea of where you are and at what level you will start out.








That first “test drive” is gratis.  We truly want you to KNOW that this is the type of training you want to do.   If you do like it, and feel you want to “become a Rebel”, we’ll present you with our Basic Training Program.  This is a 6 class “beginners program” where you will learn the foundational movements of CrossFit, get a first glimpse into the Olympic Lifts and some of CrossFit’s signature movements, and also learn the lingo and flow of the gym. 

The Basic Training Program rocks!  While it’s a structured pathway into the regular classes, it’s tough!  Fun, but tough.  Click below to learn more about Basic Training.

You can test out of Basic Training, but it would mostly likely require you to have CrossFitted previously.




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Schedule to come in for a Test Drive and check us out.  There’s no pressure here – we feel it must be your decision to start a new exercise regime or change from what you may be used to.  You’re always welcome to come in and observe a class in action as well.  Just give us a heads up that you’re coming. 


Afraid we’ll bite?  Check out the Coaches at CrossFit Rebels.  We’re really nice people!