Getting Started with RebelHealth

Coming soon…

That’s right. Starting soon you can start this EXCLUSIVE  RebelHealth Program that will change the way you think, change the way you CrossFit and change your life forever!

The RebelHealth Program will kick off  at CrossFit Rebels with RebelHealth 1.0, an 8 week program that will include group sessions once a week, body composition testing, food journaling (oh yes!), experimentation and much more.

The goals of RebelHealth are:


  • To educate the participant with usable knowledge, pertinent to their personal situation
  • To help participants see the importance nutrition plays in our overall health, performance, moods and energy levels and longevity
  • To elicit excitement about learning that real food CAN be found amongst the cartoon laden cartons and boxes at your local grocer.

The process of change and modifying current behaviors related to health and wellness is not hard, but it is a process, and it does require effort on your part.  Like any new endeavor you undertake – a new job in an unfamiliar field, a new sport, even a new hairstyle – it takes some getting used to.  With the exception of the hairstyle, it probably takes a little effort and work to learn new things and make them feel comfortable and effortless.

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