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Day 15 – DAIRY

Day: 15! Woohoo! Let’s talk a little about dairy.  Or, rather, let me direct you to Robb Wolf and Andy Deas talking a little about dairy!  Now, in no way shape or form is this us telling you not to drink milk. On the contrary,
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Day 14- Do You Miss Beans?

  Day 14 – Do You Miss Beans? First: a quick note: logs are due!    WHY ARE BEANS BAD? Beans are FULL of enzyme blockers and lectins…we’ll call these toxins “antinutrients.” (Note: enzymes are good. They are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions) These enzyme
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Day 13-Over the Hump – The Rice Release

Day 13 You’re over the hump…on the back side of the hill…closer to the end than the start. But in a WOD, this is often when we start to falter.  We’re tired, it’s easier to just slow down or consider quitting.  I get it. But
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Day 12 & Why No Grains (right now)

  The good ol’ “Food Pyramid”, aka “My Plate” now, tells us that brown triangle as the ideal amount of grains to consume each day,  coupled with the green triangle which could be corn, potatoes, and other starchy veggies, AND the red triangle of fruits…all three colors are carbohydrates…holy moley!  If we
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Day 11…is about poop

First, good luck to all the runners this morning, and our thanks to all the Veterans in our community and beyond. It’s a big day for everyone! For the Challenge participants,when you end today, you’re officially over the hump! (read all the way to the
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Day 10!

(All logs that were submitted by Wednesday noon are responded to! ) Carb quantities and post workout Just a few quick notes that were consistent themes from all the logs last week. Post workout: make sure you get some carbs in your post workout shake. This will
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Day 9

Thursday. Day 9 (12 days left)…you’re almost to the top of the hill! Rest or Skill day at the box. Good day to revisit the rest of the week. What’s your plan for Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Yes, we’ll have an opportunity to be social
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Day 8!

WEDNESDAY! Hump Day! Hero WOD! Good food day! Thought I’d give you some help and resources and proven templates for Meal Plans.   If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s the key to this whole “Healthy Lifestyle”.   Yea, they’re important, they’re imperative, actually! But they sounds
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Challenge Day 7-Protein!

Logs – due yesterday. What happens if you don’t turn them in? Same thing that happens if we still don’t have your applications…we have no information to move forward on!  Hop to it! A common theme in the logs I’ve seen is protein intake. I
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Challenge Day 5

Day 5. Rest Day. Meal Plan and Prep Day. Possible hangover-recovery day! OK guys – 5 of 21.5 days….it’s 16.5 days left. Full week ahead of us. You had a partial week last week. So be ready. Don’t blow it on Thursday because you were
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